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Spring 2015 Issue
Jan 15, 2015

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Welcome to the American Association of University Women of New York State.

Time to be thinking about CONVENTION - April 17-19 on Grand Island, NY

Important Convention deadlines:
Awards for Emerging Leaders and 21st Century Programs: February 16
EOF Named Gift Honorees: February 20
In Memoriam designations: February 27 (Send names to Janice Brown)


Equal Pay Day is Upon Us!

Take action by printing and using postcards. Choose from sets of four focusing on women of color, messages echoing the 50's, or a mixed group.

Instructions for Use:

Print one or more of these card fronts on heavy card stock; use the card back (for all of them. Cut the cards into quarters and hand out at a branch event or to members to sign and fill in the name of their local NYS Assembly member. They should be mailed (with postcard postage) before April 20 in order to help get a yes vote on A 6075 which should take place during that week. If you are making an in-district visit during the legislative break, you can hand the card in as a visual reminder of AAUW-NYS's support for Equal Pay.

AAUW Leadership...The Eleanor Roosevelt Way

As our branches prepare to nominate a new set of officers to lead AAUW in our communities, let's remember that it is an honor rather than a burden to be seen by our peers as worthy of leading - it's a sign that they are ready to follow you!

Eleanor Roosevelt stated that “Women, whether subtly or vociferously, have always been a tremendous power in the destiny of the world…” As we look for members to step up to take leadership roles in our branch, Eleanor has words of encouragement:

* Claim Your Right to be a Leader
* Shake Things Up
* Be Bold and Principled
* Stick to the Mission

Find your voices and inspire others to find theirs. Remember to avoid the “5 Cancers,” described by Steven Covey in “Eighth Habit:” criticism, complaining, comparing, competing and contending. Claim your right to be a leader! Step up to volunteer to lead your branch/state and continue the AAUW mission in your community! You can do it!

---Special thanks to the Amsterdam-Gloversville-Johnstown Branch for providing these words of inspiration

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Important dates for AAUW in 2014-2015.

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