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Cynthia (Cyd) Averill
NYS Communications Director

Introduce people to AAUW - use this "elevator speech", produced by our Communications Director and our Membership VP. All it takes is a few minutes and YOUR enthusiasm!

Does your branch website say “Welcome”?

An outdated branch website is the modern-day equivalent of putting up a “No Visitors” sign on the door.  Without current information, prospective members are shut out.  On the other hand, branches with up-to-date information about programs, issues and interest groups are saying, “Come in. Learn more. Join us!”  

Some NYS branch websites are independently created and hosted, others use Site Resources, and several have a sub-page on the current NYS website. Regardless of the format, if your website is not welcoming visitors by reflecting the many positives of membership in your local group, it’s time to take action!

Those branches with pages on the NYS site can update their page with the help of our webmaven, Betty Preble.  Send updated information to Betty and she will post it for you.  It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Contact her through the AAUW-NYS website. 

Thirteen NYS branches are using AAUW’s Site Resources program, which creates and hosts free websites for branches and states. The design of these sites is standardized, with the content and organization determined by each branch.  The advantage of these sites is the ease of updating content and the contemporary, AAUW-branded look. There is no cost to switch your current website to Site Resources. If your branch maintains the site content, there is no annual charge!  Site Resources can handle site updates for you for $120 per year. For more information on Site Resources go to: http://site-resources.aauw.org

An up-to-date web presence will help your branch continually reach out, educate and invite people to join this amazing, empowering organization!  Let’s make sure we are all displaying a Welcome sign!

See the national website for "branding" guidelines and information. Click HERE for national logos, state and branch logos, and branding guidelines!

Also available - "website tips" from our communications people.

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Congratulations to our 2015 Communications and Visibility Award Winners!